This olympic cycle the games in Tokyo have taken on a new dimension. Not only have we been waiting for the season peak for an extra year (big shout out to all the athletes who persevered and were able to keep their form during the times of coronacrisis and endless lockdowns), after a very long time we've seen real drama on the podium throughout all 4 rotations of the all around finals in rhythmic gymnastics.

The new olympic champion Linoy Ashram (Israel) deserves a huge applause for her life performance she gave on the floor at Ariake gymnasticscenter in Tokyo. Despite a big mistake in her last routine with ribbon she was able to accumulate a high enough score from the previous rotations to stay in the lead and thus end the Russian domination established in 2000 by Alina Kabaeva.
Except for the above-mentioned loss of apparatus in her ribbon routine she has shown us some beautiful clean performances full of dynamic elements and at the same time give an artistic expression which is something that has been increasingly lacking in rhythmic gymnastics.

This gold medal has been rightfully earned and will hopefully serve as a motivation and a means to open doors for young talented gymnasts who've been losing hope over whether there is even a chance to win over Russians after all. We'd like to believe that Averina sisters will keep healthy and wanting to continue chasing their dreams so that we could look forward to them at the next Olympic games in Paris 2024. Now, to everybody else who aspires to compete at an international level, we wish lots of strength and determination for further training; and just a reminder - believe in yourself, success is within your reach 😉

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