We´re talking about a type of a workout during which deep core muscles are strengthened, thus a great addition to a lifestyle for people suffering from back pain originated from long-lasting sedentary jobs and minimal physical activity, or on the other side of the spectrum, for athletes who, thanks to their sport choice, are forced to overly strain one side of the body.

Callanetics is also very effective in body shaping, especially for female problem areas. However, you don´t have to worry about getting "bulked up" which is a frequent reason for women to quit fitness. What can serve as a proof is the fact that this type of strength training is used mainly in activities and sports where long elegant feminine lines play a substantial role, e.g. rhythmic gymnastics or ballet.

In my training sessions we alternate between strengthening exercises and stretching while the nature of exercises is mostly small pulsing movements and hold in particular positions. Our focus is on the right form and alignment to avoid potential health problems while improving the workout effectiveness at the same time. We use soft pilates mats, short workout bands, possibly 0.5kg ankle weights.


If interested, apply via e-mail

Regeneračné a poradenské centrum Čaroin, Kosatcová 24/A, BA – DNV, Wednesday at 7:45 PM (8€)

*Individual classes are available upon agreement - 1h (60 min) for 20€ or online 1h / 10€