Welcome to Katka Vicova Gymnastics page!

Hi! My name is Katarína Vicová / Katka. I´m a certified rhythmic gymnastics coach of I.degree and an RG judge of II. degree with 12 years of experience.

Since 2008 I´ve been a member of an RG club TJ Sokol Bratislava where I´m still registered as a judge.

As a freelance RG coach I offer gymnastics trainings for kids from the age of 4 in the Bratislava districts Devínska Nová Ves and Devín.

Gymnastics - The essence of life

Within my training I use callanetics principles to a large extent and I make sure that the right technique is used to prevent bad habits which could later lead to health issues.

I personally believe that if there´s potential, it´s never too late to start. My gymnastics, as well as life motto is, "It´s only as difficult as you think it is."