As you all know, I train with my gymnasts in Devín and Devínska Nová Ves. I try to ensure the best possible workouts given the circumstances, since the conditions for professional training aren´t met. This year, I have finally managed to rent a gym that´s sufficient for our specific needs (we have wall bars, ballet bars, and a mirror) but what we´re missing is a carpet. Although my kids are strong athletes :), so they don´t mind the hard floors, I´d rather see them trying new acrobatic skills without bruised knees.

Without a tag of a "sports club" I don´t have sufficient finances to buy a carpet myself, that´s why I created a crowdfunding project through which I´d like to ask you to support us. Click on this link and contribute any amount. After exceeding a certain amount, you will be offered rewards, such as individual trainings, professional photoshoot, or a summer camp invitation.

Every Euro helps, as well as sharing the link / article on social media or via e-mail with your friends. I believe that together, we can achieve the set goal and train in the right way!


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